Halkdiki in September? Oh, yes!

The summer has ended and the truth is that your mood is miserable and you are so sad, having no hope. The relaxing weekends and week vacations are now gone and there are back-to-school and back-to-work labels everywhere, which remind you that there is nothing fascinating going on any time soon, that there is only work and school, busy and tense everydayness, lists full of tasks, time absolutely insufficient, no sun and heat, but rain and wind. The summer has ended and there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot bring it back to the United Kingdom, but luckily you can still go to the summer. There is a week or a long weekend you can take off in September and you are now wondering what to do – a road trip to a town not far away, a SPA vacation in a luxurious hotel nearby, or some time casually spent at home – candles and movie nights, cuddles and hot chocolate, home-made food and take-away-s, series and talks, the sweetness of doing nothing, of relaxing and being at ease.…

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